Six ways companies can succeed by exploring social media networks using DWBI

Social media platforms are rapidly becoming the new force behind the global 2000 companies, allowing companies to reach out and understand their valuable customers like never before. Social media networks analysis is the study of patterns of social relations. Through network analysis the behavior of social relations structure can be analyzed. Social media networks and 

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Enabling data discovery: Big data’s ability to solve bigger problems

Industry leaders are debating the co-existence of big data & traditional business intelligence. One group strongly believes traditional business intelligence will be washed away in the big data tsunami, while another group discounts big data as a big hype and vouches for traditional business intelligence as an organization’s bastion. Big data will continue to be 

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How payments and analytics deliver customer insights and drive loyalty

It’s well known that it’s more cost effective to sell to existing customers, than it is to acquire new ones. If businesses can gain extra insights into how their customers use their services, they can find new ways to tailor and customise those services to individual customers. Electronic payments make the interaction with a business 

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Developing a performance management system: Key considerations for a healthcare provider

Research by Donald M.Berwick and Andrew D.Hackbarth in April 2012 estimated that five categories of healthcare cost waste consumed $476 -$992 billion or 18% to 37% of the approximately $2.6 trillion annual total of all health spending in the US in 2011. There are multiple factors that lead to significant healthcare cost wastes. However, potential 

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5 reasons why financial institutions should adopt dashboard technology

The financial services industry is feeling increased pressure as compliance and risk management needs steadily increase. Driving this pressure are the new federal banking regulations and the increasing dollar amount of regulatory fines. Financial institutions’ senior leadership is faced with new challenges around managing risk in addition to managing the amount of resources dedicated to 

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